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Nr. of packs: 10

Nr. of cigarettes: 200


Tar volume: 16.0 mg

Nicotine volume: 1.3 mg

Luceafar cigarettes

Luceafar cigarettes saw the world for the first time in 1980 when they launched by TUTUN-CTC, Moldavian tobacco giant and the best cigarette-maker in Eastern Europe, well-known for high-quality genuine brands, Doina, Astra and Fluieras. These cigs promptly became popular in the domestic market, what hadn't prevented the producer from applying significant modifications to the exterior of the cigarettes as well as its tobacco formula several years ago.

The latest look of the Luceafar packs was created by famous marketing company P. Lehman Consulting Group from Switzerland, which also elaborated an advanced marketing strategy for the brand, stressing the relation between the name of the cigarettes which is traduced as the "Morning Star" from Romanian and an ancient legend saying that the Morning Star provokes true love in people's hearts, just as Luceafar cigs heat up the thrilling sensations of pleasure throughout the smoking process.

But the most considerably the manufacturer changed the tobacco formula of Luceafar brand. The experts blended more than 20 sorts of tobacco, imported from Turkey, Africa and South America. The change resulted contributed to a dramatic enhancement in the taste of the cigarettes, which became richer and bolder. The quality features were also significantly improved.

The flavor of these high-quality cigs was also changed to a much better one thanks to the addition of honey tinge that excellently harmonizes with natural flavor of oriental tobacco and provides charming aroma.

The high quality of Luceafar cigarettes was guaranteed by several quality certificates given by European Union to the manufacturer of these cigarettes, TUTUN-CTC last year.

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