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Cigarette_size 12 May

Cigarette Sizes ...

It's very frequent for people to put questions concerning the different sizes of cigarettes that are in the marketplace. The question of size generall ... read more »

Smoking 09 Oct

Smoking among females ...

Now if compared smokers among women and men, women are still behind, there are about 20% of the world population who are females, it is about 1 billio ... read more »

A_b_c_d_e 20 Jun

Cigarette psychology ...

The way a man holds his cigarette – along with such personal gestures as how he walks, sits, his nervous habits and hand motions – is a sure sign of h ... read more »

Secondhand_smoke 07 May

Secondhand smoke ...

Secondhand smoke, also known as passive smoke, is a mix of substances created by burning tobacco. Exactly like primary smoking, secondhand smoke can l ... read more »


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