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Nr. of packs: 10

Nr. of cigarettes: 200


Tar volume: 10.0 mg

Nicotine volume: 0.8 mg

Fluieras cigarettes

Red color of pack, king size cigarettes and mellow taste are description of only one brand - Fluieras. This makes this tobacco product distinctive from all that thousands of smoking trademarks that are sold in the entire world.

Fluieras cigarettes are a propriety of Tutun CTC, Eastern large tobacco enterprise. Opened in 1924 this company was first tobacco business presented on territory of ex-USSR states. This company has machineries produced by respectable producers from Great Britain, Germany, Austria, France and Holland. Cigarettes made by this company are prepared from blending of finest sorts of tobacco. Every aromatic additive is created in exclusivity for specific cigarette brand, making them so unique and high demanded by smokers.

Fluieras is tobacco product that Tutun CTC produces for a long time, but still shows elevated demand on home market. Specific taste of this smoking product is preferred by enthusiastic, optimistic and confident men.

If it describes your nature, then you must try Fluieras brand. Don't forget, you will join to thousands of smokers that already make this tobacco product a part of their lifestyle.

Thing that makes savor of this brand more estimated and respected is the single assortment. This offers a 100 % guarantees that Fluieras has no rivals and equalizers on tobacco market.

You can have this outstanding tobacco placing order on this discount online store. Fluieras brand is offered at cheapest price making it more available to all cigarette users from USA and European states.


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