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Leana Non-Filter
leana non-filter


Nr. of packs: 10

Nr. of cigarettes: 200


Tar volume: 15.0 mg

Nicotine volume: 1.3 mg

Leana cigarettes

Specific and natural taste, genuine strength – these are just several particular features that distinguish Leana brand from the overwhelming majority of other cigarette brands. But the principal peculiarity is still to follow. Leana cigarettes have no filter.

The experienced tobacco lovers are positive that despite all allegations by tobacco companies which claim that filters make cigarettes safer, they mislead smokers. Just non-filtered smokes, provide a true pleasure by tasting original flavor of pure tobacco. Moreover, non-filtered cigs like Leana include less hazardous chemicals than filtered cigarettes.

Leana smokes are manufactured in Moldova by local tobacco giant, TUTUN-CTC, the only holder of the European Union certificates on health safety and environment protection across the Eastern Europe. The receipt of these documents opened the EU cigarette market and provided the growth of popularity of Moldavian brads, among which is Leana brand cigarettes.

The producer selected premium quality Turkish tobacco with charming flavor of Mediterranean Sea and blended it with exclusive sorts of locally-grown tobacco to receive the outstanding tobacco formula of Leana cigarette, which provides a truly bold and refined taste, giving thrilling sensations during the smoking process.

Leana country-style cigs remind smokers of the good old 50's when life was easier and funnier, that is why they are so astonishingly popular among adult smokers.

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Leana Cigarettes - a strong cig for a brave man with rebellious soul.


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