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Tobacco Use and Asthmatic Children

Cigarette smoke is very detrimental for people, especially for children with asthma, a study conducted in Chicago demonstrated.

Researchers investigated more than two-thirds of the 8 -14-year-olds. They found that high levels of the nicotine, that because they breathed enough second-hand smoke. The study also found that children with asthma were more likely to experiment with tobacco and to be exposed to tobacco smoke than children without asthma.

Kids with asthma living in inner cities are known to be at risk of complications due to tobacco exposure, and of becoming smokers themselves, the researchers added. But information on how many asthmatic children are actually breathing second-hand smoke at home has been insufficient.

That's why researchers continue to collect more and more information. They surveyed caregivers of 482 children with asthma about tobacco use, and also tested the children's saliva for cotinine, an indicator of tobacco smoke exposure.

They found that nearly half of the investigated kids said that they live with smokers, while 31 percent admitted to smoking themselves. But the saliva tests revealed that approximately 68 percent of the children were exposed to tobacco smoke.

Some of the second-hand smoke exposure may have been occurring outside the home, the researchers think, while some of the children may have been smokers themselves.

The researchers concluded that if a child grows up in a household with smokers, that child is much more likely to experiment with tobacco. Tobacco exposure, whether active or passive, is a major trigger for asthma, and asthma is a known cause of absenteeism in children, which can, in turn, lead to worse academic performance too.


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