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State health commissioner steps to get smokers to quit and teenagers not to start smoking

Before, New York State was the leader in anti-tobacco health policies, but now the state become dumber in countering tobacco advertising messages and helping inhabitants quit smoking.

Dr. Richard F. Daines, a quondam hospital internist now become the state's most powerful health governor, decided to bring back the anti-tobacco low in New York. He made such a decision because Dr. Daines saw the fatal effects of smoking on his patients.

Daines wants to make a plan in order to reduce tobacco use. He wants to organize anti-smoking programs with the help of $85 million in state money.

"I'm a father, and I'm a doctor, and I'm a Mormon, so I'm really anti-tobacco," said Dr. Richard F. Daines, the state's health commissioner.

Dr. Richard F. Daines has a goal of reducing the number of smokers by 1 million - to 2 million - people by 2010. After a research Daines show that the most deaths in the United States are cause by tobacco smoking.

Other goals that Dr. Richard F. Daines wants to attain are to reduce the tobacco use in public areas and to limit advertising where cigarettes are sold.

He plans to pressure Hollywood to restrict scenes with smoking in movies because Daines thinks that these scenes increase the tobacco smoking among young adults.

"Knocking people over the head in some way is going to be necessary," he said, to get some smokers to quit.

Daines also wants that his colleague doctors to be more involved in helping patients kick the smoking habit. "We need more from the physician community," said Daines.

"We're really trying to hit smokers everywhere we can find them," Ursula Bauer, the state's tobacco control program director, said of efforts to get smokers to quit and teenagers not to start smoking.


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