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Heavy habitual smoker is genetic

USA is a state where tobacco smoking is the largest cause of death and invalidity. Cigarettes Smoking kill 400,000 people every year only in USA. American inhabitants know the smoking dangers but they continue to smoke cigs. That's why American scientists decided to find other remedies that will help smokers quit.

American scientists have known that habitual heavy smoking (smoking a pack each day) is influenced by genetics. They show that at habitual heavy smoking are involved not only one gene but a lot of genes. Now exist 'the patch' or gum that can help heavy smokers to quit, but they are effective only in several months.

Researchers hope to use these genes from human body in order to develop new medicines to help people quit smoking for ever.

American researchers showed the result of a genetic study of 14,000 people, from the USA and Europe, whose smoking histories were known. After this research they discovered two genes, both producing brain proteins to which nicotine binds in generating its addicting effects.

These two proteins are named the Alpha 3 and Alpha 5 nicotinic receptor subunits which contain genes that play a significant role in risk for nicotine addiction.

They were called so because this tow proteins form with other nicotinic receptor subunits linking sites for nicotine on brain cells which are known to be activated during the process of dependence.

American scientists added that they can use these two proteins (the alpha 3 and alpha 5 nicotinic receptor subunits) for new smoking cessation medications.

At the end of there research they show that an individual's chance of becoming a habitual smoker depends upon his or her genetic make-up.


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