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European Countries - the Smoking Residence

A lot of people smoke without thinking that smoking harm their health and the health of their children. For example in Latvia, 37% of population smoke and it is in the third place among European countries regarding the number of smokers, according to a survey.

Greece with 42% of smokers is in the first place, followed by Bulgaria with 39%. In Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, 36% of residents smoke.

Three out of ten European Union (EU) citizens aged 15 and over say they smoke, 26% smoke daily and 5% – occasionally. But the home exposure to second-hand smoke is the highest in Cyprus and Lithuania – 29 and 30% respectively. Scientists also found that 73% of EU citizens support smoking bans in offices and other workplaces. Only one tenth of respondents categorically oppose such smoking bans. In Latvia, 76% of residents are in favor of banning smoking in workplaces.

Europeans can't support smoking bans in restaurants, bars and other public places. Non-smokers, former smokers and even smokers think that health warnings on tobacco packs are effective in informing them about the health effects of tobacco but they can't make them quit.

On the other hand, around 30% of non-smokers and former smokers say that the health warnings have no effect on their choice on whether to smoke or not and 22% of smokers believe that these warnings are effective in persuading them to smoke less. According to the results of a recent survey, two to three percent of Europeans have ever purchased tobacco products over the Internet. The Czech Republic with 3.2%, Denmark with 2.5% and Latvia with 2.2% of respondents having bought tobacco products online are on the top of this list.


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