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Want to quit smoking? Do not look at this!

Nowadays many countries are in the direct and confident way to ban smoking in public places. Soon all smokers will be enclosed in their kitchens and bathrooms as smoking in entrance halls will be prohibited too. It will be great from the point of view of common sense and health advocacy. Smell of smoke and cigarette butts is very unpleasant and the harm of secondhand smoke is not a good thing.

However, there is a certain perverse magic of smoking, which can add charm, mystery and charisma to the person’s characteristics. It is called for a reason that “some people smoke tasty.” It is impossible to explain this and the fact is refused only by very ardent and uncompromising opponents of nicotine dependence. Yet both smoking and non-smoking actors are not shy to use cigarettes, cigarillos and cigars in their photoshoots as they know about this evil magic of adding hundreds items of charisma.

Expecting enaction of the cruel but fair measures, we have collected luxury photographs of “tasty” smoking actors and actresses.

Charlize Theron smokingDaniel Craig smokingAnne Hathaway smokingBrad Pitt smokingMonica Bellucci smokingBruce Willis smokingKeira Knightley smokingBen Affleck smokingSophie Marceau smokingOrlando Bloom smokingCate Blanchett smokingMarlon Brando smokingAngelina Jolie smokingVin Diesel smokingPenelope Сruz smokingGerard Butler smoking

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