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7 Methods to Remove Cigarette Odor in Car and Home

Cigarette smoke removal can be done in any case. It is necessary to take only some measures to eliminate the smell. The most effective ways to remove cigarette odor are the following:

Cigarette Odor Removal

1. Vacuum

Before you start using any chemical substances to serious measures, vacuum up as much of that cigarette smell as possible. Make use of vacuum devices to draw the smoke off home furniture and covers in your home or car. Dust and vacuum car foot mats.

2. Vinegar

Leave a cup of white vinegar overnight and this can do amazingly good job eliminating strong cigarette odor.

3. Citrus

It is said that citrus peels can help with removal of bad odors. Put a handful of citrus peels in your car or home for few days right until the peels are totally dried up. Cigarette odor will soak up in citrus peels and when you throw them out, you will also get rid of cigarette smell. Besides that you can also boil citrus peels to further beat the cigarette odor. These compounds will help reduce the effects of the present odor in the air.

4. Baking soda

It is one of the most effective methods to remove cigarette odor. Spread baking soda over the smoke-soaked place and let it be there for a couple of hours. Then find your carpet cleaner to draw in the soda.

One suggestion: before dropping at will, check baking powder on a hidden part of the surface to ensure that the surface or fabric does not interact negatively with the baking soda.

5. Coffee

Use coffee grouts to eliminate cigarette odors. Don’t spread it all over the area like baking soda, although, since coffee can blemish. Preferably, put coffee grouts into some coffee filters and wrap them closed. Put the coffee bags on what is soaking the cigarette odor.

6. Charcoal

There is absolutely nothing pretty or especially attractive about charcoal in a bowl, but when you spread some bowls of charcoal in a room or car, you will notice that it has soaked up the cigarette smell after several days. Charcoal represents one of the successful methods of cigarette odor removal.

7. Smoke residue on surfaces

Don’t forget about floors, glass and wood surfaces in a room or car; they are surely absorbing strong cigarette smoke. There is always residue! Utilize glass-cleaners, diluted ammonia and wood-cleaning products to clean the malodorous residue out of these surfaces.

You must take extra methods to get rid of the cigarette odor once the odor in the air has been eliminated, as in other case the odor will appear within several days.


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