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Types of Tobacco Products

There are a lot of types of tobacco products. However, some of them are unknown to many people. Let’s see the most popular types of tobacco products among smokers.

Tobacco Products Types

Types of tobacco products


Bidis are little, slender hand-rolled smokes brought in to the USA mostly from India and other Southeast Asian locations. This tobacco product contains tobacco covered in a tendu or temburni leaf, and may have a colorful line at one or both ends. Bidis are available in the following varieties: flavored or unflavored.


A cigarette is a tobacco product that contains cured and finely cut tobacco, reconstituted tobacco and other ingredients filled into a paper-wrapped cylinder. Nowadays almost all cigarette companies manufacture filtered cigarettes. The non-filtered cigarette brands, such as Astra, Leana and Nistru, are produced by Tutun-CTC, a Moldavian tobacco company.

Cigars, Cigarillos and Little Cigars

The majority of cigars are composed of a single variety of air-cured or dried tobacco. Tobacco leaves for cigars are cultivated for around a year and then fermented in a multiple stage process lasting 3-5 months. Fermentation leads to chemical and bacterial reactions that modify the tobacco. This is what gives cigars a distinct taste and smell from cigarettes.

Standard cigars are bigger than cigarettes and do not include a filter. Little cigars or cigarillos are quite identical in size and shape to cigarettes, include filters and are stuffed with pipe tobacco. Little cigars are usually flavored. They are sold singly or in packs of 20 items.

The nicotine level in cigars is higher than in cigarettes.

Dissolvable Tobacco

Dissolvable tobacco is carefully processed to dissolve on the tongue or in the mouth. Types involve strips, sticks, orbs and compressed tobacco lozenges. Dissolvable tobacco is available in mint or candy varieties.

Since this product is presented to the market not long ago, studies have not been carried out on the health effects. This product does include nicotine.

Electronic cigarette or E-cigarette

The electronic cigarette is a battery-powered gadget that consists of a cartridge stuffed with nicotine, flavor and other substances. The e-cigarette is not considered a tobacco product but a nicotine delivery system. The e-cigarette converts the nicotine and other substances into a vapor that is then inhaled. The user gets a vaporized solution of propylene glycol/nicotine.

The e-cigarette often seems like a regular cigarette. Other models resemble a ball point pen. Most electronic cigarettes can be reused.

Re-fillable and replaceable cartridges are offered with various nicotine levels and flavors. It is considered that cartridges contain no nicotine, however the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) carried out research displaying that these cartridges do contain nicotine.

Shisha or Hookah

Shisha is a combination of tobacco that is heated, the smoke of which is filtrated through water and inhaled by the user. Hookah involves a head, body water bowl and hose. The tobacco is heated in the hookah often by means of charcoal. As outlined by a World Health Organization advisory, hookah smoking during an hour exposes the user to 100 to 200 times the volume of smoke inhaled from one cigarette.


Kreteks are often known as clove cigarettes. Kreteks are brought in from Indonesia, and usually comprise a blend made up of tobacco, cloves, and other ingredients. Just like bidis, standardized machine-smoking studies show that kreteks deliver more nicotine, carbonmonoxide, and tar than regular cigarettes.


Pipes include a chamber or bowl, stem and mouthpiece. They are considered to be reusable. Tobacco is put into the bowl and lit. The smoke is then drawn through the stem and mouthpiece and inhaled.

Smokeless Tobacco

The two major varieties of smokeless tobacco are chewing tobacco and snuff. Chewing tobacco is available in the form of loose leaf, plug, or twist. Snuff is carefully ground tobacco that can be dried out, moist, or in pouches.

Some varieties of snuff can be inhaling by the nose. Many smokeless tobacco users put the product in their cheek, then suck on the tobacco and spit out the tobacco juices. The nicotine in smokeless tobacco is absorbed mostly through the skin in the mouth.


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