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Interesting Facts about Hookah Tobacco

The tobacco for smoking hookah is not the same as the type of tobacco for cigarettes. Hookah tobacco is also known as shisha and previously was available in a damp-blend of freshly selected tobacco leaves that were sopped in molasses. The most preferred choice is the Turkish-blend of hookah tobacco.

Nowadays, there are various different flavors as the hookah tobacco is often combined with fruit additives and there is numerous types of different flavors to pick out from.

Flavored Hookah Tobacco

Some of the most popular flavored tobacco involves those which is combined with vanilla, apple, and mint. However, now the tobacco market offers cream soda hookah tobacco and mint chocolate chip hookah tobacco. The popularity of hookah tobacco grows, and that is why the assortment of flavors is refilled.

The hookah tobacco consists of nearly 30% tobacco and 70% is the fruit flavorings, in addition to the molasses that it is combined with. Many types of hookah tobacco do not contain tar. The assortment of aromas and tastes of hookah makes it so popular.

The Variety of Hookah Tobacco Flavors

There are lots of varieties of hookah flavored tobacco. Each of flavored tobaccos has a different taste.

As a rule, hookah smokers do not smoke one and the same tobacco all the time, they try to use different tobacco flavor. Hookah tobacco with apple flavor is one of the most popular flavored tobacco.

With this variety of smoking getting popularity in night clubs everywhere, hookah flavored tobaccos have been produced progressively more. Along with the standard fruit flavored tobaccos, like apple, grape, melon, peach and strawberry, there are hookah tobacco that tastes like soda or alcohol. Cognac, Cola and Cherry Cola, Pina Colada, are just a small amount of the flavored tobaccos out there.

Other flavored tobaccos for hookah smoking are vanilla, mint, coffee, and coconut. Hookah for sale can be found at local smoke stores, but when searching for the best-brand hookah for affordable price, it is needed to buy hookah tobacco online. Best hookah tobacco will give hookah smoker a pleasant experience all the time.


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