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Edmonton's Smoking Bylaw

Smokers are safe from the Edmonton city's law if they smoke around the doors of public buildings.

According to the new Tobacco Reduction Act, smokers must be 5 meters from a public outdoor. Director of complaints and investigations for the city planning department, David Aitken, said: "That's going to change. What the city is going to duplicate portions of the provincial legislation in its own municipal bylaw. So, the five-meter rule in the new provincial Tobacco Reduction Act would become part of the city bylaw. Right now, we'll take complaints (about illegal smoking), do an investigation and seek voluntary compliance".

Under the new act any enforcement will be done by police or by peace officers. The city could demand to get its officers designated as peace officers.

A smoking ban in public buildings has been in force since 2005. The legislative act spreads farther in several areas, such as the five-meter doorway rule now in effect and the ban on retail trade of tobacco products in shop.

David Aitken added: "Some parts of the Tobacco Reduction Act, those parts that don't directly deal with smoking, won't be added to the city bylaw. They'll still apply in Edmonton, but will be enforced by police, not bylaw officers. Edmonton's smoking bylaw, with the new additions, will be part of an omnibus public places, which comes into effect in April".


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