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Your Brain controls the Smoking Addiction

As it is known cigarettes are highly addicting, but not in all people.

For example some people who tried cigarettes can put them down and never get addicted while others vice versa. Experts found that the people addiction depend in how their brain responds to nicotine.

There is no question that smoking is addictive. However not everyone is affected the same way. Some people are never able to kick the habit while others seem to be able to quit on a freak.

Dr. Richard Hurt, the head of the Center for Tobacco Free Living, said: "Your chances of becoming addicted to cigarettes depend on genetics, on how your brain responds to nicotine. It only takes about five heartbeats for nicotine to go from the cigarette to your brain. For many people it stimulates receptors that release dopamine and cause the pleasure response. Over time, the receptors increase in number and change the anatomy of the brain. So when you try to quit smoking you cut off the pleasure response because you are depriving the receptors of nicotine. And they object to that with withdrawal symptoms."

If an addicted smoker will not smoke even one day then he/she will become irritable, dread, and unable to concentrate. If a smoker quit smoking, the number of nicotine receptors reduces to normal.

When a person is trying to quit smoking they have to deal with the physical nicotine addiction as well as the psychological addiction to the act of smoking. For most people it is the habit of smoking that is harder to break than the physical addiction to nicotine.

Young smokers may find it easier to quit since the habit is not as ingrained as in some one that has been smoking for twenty or more years. People who have been smoking longer though are frequently more aware of the cost of smoking and can be far more motivated to quit.

But Hurt added that medications such as the nicotine patch or other non-nicotine prescription medications plus counseling can help smokers gain control over their addiction and move forward into a healthier, smoke-free life.


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