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Who attract Children in Smoking?

Parents are an example for their children. That's why for to stop smoking among young generation firstly adults have to quit the bad habit. Most of children begin to smoking because of movie stars who lighting up cigarettes on screen, according to a new research from the National Cancer Institute.

Anti-tobacco researchers found also that tobacco companies are increasingly using other forms of kid-friendly media, such as the internet, for to hook new customers. In general there are a lot of reasons why children pick up smoking. For example they start smoking because their parents or friends smoke, but researchers reported that another reason is movie stars.

According to the report from the National Cancer Institute, two-thirds of contemporary hit movies contain smoking, and studies showed also that children who are exposed to these movies are more likely to become smokers themselves. Cigarette use is prominent in popular media as well, researchers found. After a full investigation they found that around 20 percent of TV shows and 25 percent of music videos show people smoking.

Experts said that cutting cigarettes from movies would have a greater impact. The media can also have a positive influence not only negative, television, newspapers, and the internet have all helped spread the word about the health dangers of smoking.

Researchers said that media has a very big power in people, it can reach more people with anti-smoking messages and in this way the battle against tobacco will end.


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