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UK still faces challenges to improve public health

Each year appear more and more Research Centers that want to reduce smoking among people and also to prevent people from starting it. One of such centers will be open in UK.

This new center will work with researchers at six other organizations that also want to reduce the number of people smoking tobacco.

The New antismoking Center was helped by Government and Health organizations too. They gave it £20 million pot. And £15 million was given by academics from Newcastle, Cardiff, Belfast and Cambridge. The researchers of Anti tobacco Center from UK will spend all these money on tobacco control, on antismoking meetings and on other steps that they will make only to stop smoking among people.

Professor John Britton said: "At the moment we are just killing people. Smoking is the biggest public health disaster in the history of the UK and we have still got to deal with it. There is a tendency to think that because we have banned smoking in public places, which we have sorted it out. But the fact is that there are 10 million smokers in the UK, half of which will die from a disease caused by their smoking 10 years earlier than they should have done."

"Part of the research will be to find ways of helping people who can't stop using nicotine to see if we can give it to them in a different way, which is less harmful. The whole point of this research is to find better ways of helping people quit and better ways of preventing people from starting, "he added.

Professor Ian Diamond, chief executive of the Economic and Social Research Council, said: "This new Center has big improvements in health and life expectancy over the last century."

All anti tobacco organizations from Europe believe that this New Center will indeed help smokers from UK to quit and will give them longer and healthier lives.

Because the researchers from this Center have made a comprehensive statewide plan to curb the widespread health problems caused by tobacco usage in UK and they want to attain it.


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