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Tobacco buying age set at 21 in some US cities

Dover, the capital of the U.S. state of Delaware, will be the fourth city in Delaware to increase the buying cigarettes age to 21 and Arlington, Virginia, is intending to reach 21 during 3 years, after health care department in both cities made a decision to raise the minimum buying age to hold tobacco products off from youngsters.

Dover, Arlington Cigarettes Buying Age

Dover on May, 13 and Arlington on May, 15 followed associated steps taken recently in Sharon and Canton, because cities around the region intend to reduce smoking rates among younger generation and health advocates expect a state minimum age for buying cigarettes will reach 21.

The age to lawfully buy cigarettes, established at 18 in many states for a long time, has been brought up to 19 in Arlington, Belmont, Brookline, and Walpole.

Public session on a probable boost to 21 is planned for June in Medway and Foxborough, said family doctor Lester Hartman. Besides, Needham was the first to raise the age to 21 in 2005 and in February this year Texas implemented a regulation, increasing the legal buying age for tobacco products from 18 to 21.

While some counties have needed several sessions and long reasons, the session in related to tobacco buying age in Dover took just 24 minutes.

Dover health care department is over the course of tightening cigarette regulations after evaluating other tobacco products that resemble candy and are directly sold to youngsters. The cigarettes buying age change and other bans should become effective in half year, after the city completes its renovation of regulations.

Dover also has a benefit in that it only draws two tobacco licenses for retailers.

In Arlington, the health care department raised the age to 21 during three years, beginning with an increase to 19 on July 4.

Around the United States, the smoking age is 18 in 46 out of the 50 states, in addition to the District of Columbia. Alaska, New Jersey, Alabama, Utah, and such counties in New York like Onondaga, Nassau, and Suffolk accept a smoking age of 19.

Health officials in New York are thinking about a rise to 21 later in June. In Westwood health officials assumed even stronger measures, implementing new modifications that also regulate tobacco products sold specifically to children.

There, authorities also banned the selling of blunt wraps and roll-your-own cigarette gadgets, brought up the permit fee for sellers to $400, and the monetary penalty for any breach to $300.


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