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Tobacco and its Interesting History

People smoke cigarettes a long time ago.

There are versions which say that cigarettes were used during the prehistoric era. People started using tobacco in the Mayan civilization and it was considered sacred then. It later passed on to the Aztecs (Aztec is a term used to refer to certain ethnic groups of central Mexico). Then American Indians started to use tobacco.

Such versions about the history and use of cigarettes are a lot. For example another version can be this one, tobacco appeared in 1492 when Columbus, first received tobacco as a gift from the local tribes of the Islands, that the existence became prominent. But Columbus is said to have thrown the tobacco leaves away without actually knowing the use of it. But Rodrigo de Jeres an explorer after Columbus was the first to have used cigarettes.

America was the first state where was used cigarettes.

But in general, tobacco as a plant was initially found in America. Then slowly, the Europeans started using it, and then it came in France, Spain, and Portugal.

But beginning with 16th and 17th century, people all over the world started using tobacco in the form of snuffs. In this period was used for the firs time pipes, archaeologists found. Today people also use pipes for to smoke but they are in different forms.

According to a study, in the past kings and religious authorities prohibited smoking cigarettes, saying that good Christians never smoke. But later when they found that they were loosing a lot of money due to prohibition, they accepted smoking again and started their own markets for to get revenue and at the same time have control over their people

In 1960 was manufactured the first cigarette factory. And the first cig brand was Bull Durham. This brand gained instant popularity and almost 90% of the people preferred Bull Durham.

Followed by Bull Durham, a lot of other brands appeared, like Cameo, Allen & Ginter, and Richmond. And in the 19th century the demand for cigarettes rose to such an extent that 3.5 billion cigarettes were manufactured.

But in 1917, Camel, Lucky Strike and Chesterfield became the three national brands in the United States.

With cig brand increases, increased also the smokers' number. Today people can choose to smoke their favorite flavors, aroma, and also prices. Now people can purchase their favorite brands using internet too.

As was shown before the evolution of tobacco use has evolved with us overtime and it has become a prevalent part of many cultures.


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