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Three Reasons Why Obama’s Cigarette Tax Increase Has Sense

Recently Barack Obama proposed to increase the tax on cigarettes, but he was not honored to be supported.

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President Obama's idea to increase the national cigarette tax to spend on widened early childhood education was not taken seriously. However, being not awarded the proper attention, it is considered that the tobacco tax increase would reduce the number of diseases connected to smoking and boost a calculated $78 billion over a decade to develop access to first-rate pre-kindergarten programs. Unsurprisingly Ezra Klein, columnist for The Washington Post, identified the measure as one of the best proposals in Obama's fiscal year 2014 budget.

Here are three factors why the tobacco tax increase deserves the United States Congress's approval:

1. Cigarette taxes are a confirmed method to cut down smoking, particularly among young people. According to the Congressional Budget Office, a 9% increase in cigarette prices will decrease smoking by 4-14% among young persons and by 2-6% among adults. Reducing tobacco use among people under age 18 is especially vital: 4 in 5 adult smokers took up smoking being minors.

2. Health benefits for the poor would more than cover the regressive tax rise. Some opponents claim that increasing cigarette taxes would unjustly have an effect on poor people as they have higher smoking rates. But poor people would also gain more from the health changes from reducing consumption, since they use tobacco products more and are more probable than wealthy people to quit smoking (or not start) if tobacco taxes climb. Poor persons would also profit from the expanded access to early childhood education that these tax earnings would finance.

3. Tobacco use is the primary reason of illnesses connected to smoking in the USA. Smoking is the reason for around 400,000 diseases each year. Secondhand smoking is one more cause of preventable smoking-related diseases.


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