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The first city in UK to ban smoking revealed

Bristol resulted in being the first city in the UK to prohibit smoking in some outdoor public areas since Feb. 2. It is a courageous step which will probably found both support and opposition.

For quit some time Bristol has set up a status as being one of the most contemporary and healthiest cities in the UK. And now the metropolis is fixing the questionable agenda of smoking in public areas.

Voluntary Smoking Ban Sign

From Feb. 2 a voluntary smoking ban is being tested at two of the city's busy outdoor places.

Both Millennium and Anchor Squares at the Harbourside will come to be smoke-free areas. But it will depend on each individual bar and restaurant located in these places if they conform to the initial project.

Major cities across the world, such as New York, Toronto and Hong Kong, have already prohibited smoking tobacco products in some famous outdoor spots.

In New York it is believed more than 350,000 smokers have quit smoking due to the ban which was launched in parks and beaches.

Fiona Andrews, leader of Smokefree South West, which started the pilot, said: "This is a fascinating step that we wish will have a long-term impact on not just Millennium Square and Anchor Square, but the wider location and possibly the rest of the UK.

"These city centre squares are frequently full of kids playing and this pilot will offer smoke-free places for children and their parents to enjoy."


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