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Teenagers continue to chain-smoking

After a study of 2671 Australian teenagers from private and public schools were showed that teenager smokers are more conscious of the dangers of smoking than non-smokers, but continue to chain smoking. Dr Mazanov and Dr Burne also found that adolescent know that smoking tobacco is bad for there health but they don't want quit.

A study showed that 42,000 adolescents who smoke know the risks of smoking but just don't care.

Even the Federal Government's $25 million, National Tobacco, Youth Strategy and the Victorian campaigns have a little effect on young smokers. Officials confessed that they need for novel anti-tobacco methods.

One of these methods is inspirational messages on smokers' mobile phones which will contain information about smoking disadvantages. Hundreds of smokers will be receiving such messages in order to increase their chances of quitting. TV and Internet also can be good methods which will help young smokers to quit smoking.

"Teenagers think that if they quit by 30 they can undo the damage," Ms Sharkie said.

Ms Sharkie thinks that young persons smoke in that cases when around them smoke too. "Smoking is also presented by the tobacco industry as fashionable, groovy and sophisticated, which young people feel is a more attractive message than one telling them they are going to get lung cancer," Ms Sharkie said.

Fiona Sharkie, Quit Victoria executive director, showed that teenagers believe that any damage of smoking "couldn't happen to them". Teenagers think that they are under risk of dieing because they are young.

At the end of this research most of the anti-tobacco campaigns have found that young smokers really are refusing to give up, even though they know smoking may kill them.


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