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Stop Lighting Up a Big Smokers Wish

Usually in the New Year people promise themselves that they will not do the things that they have made in the past year. Such promises every year make smokers which want to quit, but not all of these smokers can stop lighting up.

A group of Australian researchers investigated 1,000 smokers which promised that they will stop smoking in the New Year. At the end of this research they showed that only 3 percent of smokers who made such resolutions didn't quit.

They also found that more than half of Australian smokers which made New Year's resolutions to quit went back on their word within a week. 15 percent of these smokers which were investigated lighted up within hours of making the pledge, the survey showed. The research revealed that seven out of ten smokers have tried 3 or 9 times to quit.

Edward Fong, the videogame manufacturer which sells the anti-smoking software, said: "Our research shows that the majorities of smokers in Australia want to quit but are struggling to stick to their resolution. For most people, the desire to stop smoking is not enough." According to this survey, Australian smokers light up an average of 13.8 cigarettes every day or 5,037 cigarettes per year.

The World Health Organization said that smoking kills about 4 million people each year, causing a quarter of deaths related to heart disease. The organization estimated that by 2030, more than 8 million people will die from tobacco-related causes each year, especially in developed countries.


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