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Smoking Ban Cleans the Air

In England smoke-free legislation was more awaited by people with asthma because England has one of the highest rates of asthma in the world with 4.4 million people affected. Mikis Euripides, Assistant Director of Policy & Public Affairs at Asthma UK said in a report: "For people with asthma the effects of smoking can be deadly. 82% of people with asthma in England tell us that cigarette smoke makes their symptoms worse and 15% of full and part-time workers with asthma have told us that they are exposed to other people's cigarette smoke at work."

Researchers think that the new legislation will be truly life-changing for people with asthma. It will ensure that they are protected from second-hand smoke in the workplace and allow them to socialize in enclosed public places without the fear of a fatal asthma attack. Smoke-free legislation is a major victory for Asthma UK. Now the Government aim is to maintain a strong smoking control strategy by continuing to give funds for smoking cessation services.

Mikis added: "Whilst we welcome the new legislation, more work must be done to encourage people to give up this deadly habit. It is vital that adequate support services are available to these people following 1 July to help them kick the habit once and for all." Over 800,000 people with asthma in England are smokers themselves, and they know that cigarettes will only increase their risk of asthma symptoms and will short their life too, but they continue to smoke because as they said they like this bad habit.


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