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Philip Morris UK presents Marlboro Ice Blast capsule cigarette

Philip Morris UK is proud to present new Marlboro cigarettes which belong to the menthol cigarette category.

Marlboro Ice Blast is the first menthol capsule cigarette. The revolutionary step emphasizes Marlboro's premium leadership while providing affordability with a market first innovation in the menthol category. Marlboro Ice Blast

Marlboro Ice Blast is an exclusive, special type of menthol cigarette primarily because it has this extra technology – a green ball called the Iceball placed at the upper part of the filter which a smoker should push to break before lighting and smoking in order to enrich the menthol taste of the cigarette.

The progressive product creation of Marlboro Ice Blast is designed to provide a unique, inspiring alternative to adult smoking people. Using the menthol trend that smokers are displaying demand for across various fast-moving consumer goods, Ice Blast will offer a frosty fresh-to-fresh taste experience for adult smokers.

Zoe Smith, marketing director UK & Ireland claims: "The capsule market has been continuously developing since the beginning of 2012 when the first capsule cigarettes were launched. At present capsules are part of almost 1% of total cigarette volume, showing regular sales growth of about 5%. Since the introduction of the capsule segment, sales of £73m have been produced, so there is a big chance to further improve the Marlboro brand."

As there are no other cooling products on the market, Philip Morris UK has the possibility to benefit on capsule segment in stable development while providing retailers with a brand new product to sell.

Marlboro Ice Blast will be available in all convenience stores in the UK. The pack will contain 20 kingsize cigarettes only. The RRP of £8.02 will support the brand's premium price point.

How to Break the Iceball

There is a mark on the upper part of the filter demonstrating the Iceball. You need to push hard using your thumb and index finger until hearing a weak "pop" sound. One more method to break it is to bite the capsule spot using your teeth.

Marlboro around the World

Marlboro Ice Blast is sold also in Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. Other countries have their own unique Marlboro menthol flavours too.

Marlboro is the most popular and best-selling cigarette brand across the world. It is manufactured by Philip Morris USA within the United States, and by Philip Morris International outside the US.


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