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New Prices for Some Drinkers and Smokers

The Manhattan government organized a parade of experts of cheap malt liquor (malt liquor is a form of beer and is not sold as beer) and low-end cigars on its street corners and in its parks.

The State Legislature is planning to close a multibillion-dollar budget deficit partly by raising taxes on small cigars like White Owl and Swisher Sweets and malt liquors like Colt 45 and Olde English "800". The governor's plan would lift the malt liquor tax from 11 cents a gallon to $2.54 a gallon. Malt liquor can contain as much as 9 %, while beer has about 5 % alcohol by volume. A 40-ounce malt liquor will cost up to $2.50 but an equal amount of beer – $3.50 or more.

The governor supposes to raise as much as $18 million from the malt liquor tax and $5 million a year from the extra cigarillo tax.

Little cigarillos or cigars are the size of cigarettes but are wrapped instead of cigarette paper in whole-leaf tobacco. But the state representative said the two products would now be taxed similarly.

Now cigarillos are taxed as tobacco products, at 37% of the wholesale price. According to the governor's proposal, cigarillos would carry a tax stamp, too.


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