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Rothmans cigarette brand is believed to be one of the most luxury brands. Great assortment of tobacco blends can meet the needs of the most demanding smoker. In addition to the specific taste, these cigarettes are made based on the unique technology. The tobacco is heated by the stem of water with honey and other ingredients, which make every cigarette slightly bigger, but which offer the soothing and refined taste of each Rothmans type, in spite of the strength of cigarettes.

Rothmans cigarettes online

This cigarette brand was launched in 1890 by Rothmans International plc and instantly acquired a tremendous popularity. Rothmans were primarily produced in England, but at present the production of the brand has been moved to Canada. Now these cigarettes are manufactured by British American Tobacco after they have bought Rothmans brand in 1999.

Nowadays, Rothmans smokes are produced in several types, the most well-known of which are Rothmans Blue, Rothmans Silver, Rothmans Superslims Blue, Rothmans Superslims Silver, Rothmans International, Rothmans King Size and Rothmans Royal.

Rothmans cigarettes gained the appreciation of vast majority of smokers in England and around the world straight after their launch. Compared with many old brands, Rothmans is still very popular and it is regarded to be one of the premium cigarette brands, such as Sobranie and Davidoff.

Rothmans is the internationally known brand recognized for its refreshingly soothing taste and high-quality production. These cigarettes acquired a good reputation due to their qualitative taste and pleasant flavor. Appreciated worldwide for their unique properties, Rothmans are perfect for any event.

Produced with an insistence on quality, packed with skillfully farmed tobacco and manufactured with premium cigarette ingredients, Rothmans smokes produce a satisfyingly tasty aroma.

The brand is getting a constant popularity over the last years, with growing sales wherever Rothmans is offered.


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