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Famous Captain Black little cigars in our store now

Captain Black is a brand name of flavorful little cigars produced by Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lane Ltd in the USA.

Our store offers 4 versions of Captain Black little cigars for sale.

Captain Black Classic

1. Captain Black Classic little cigars

These flavorful little cigars involve all the abundance of flavors peculiar to Captain Black. A distinctive characteristic of Captain Black Classic little cigars is the addition of a slight vanilla flavor.

2. Captain Black Cherise little cigars

On the process of production of these little cigars, a blend of Colombian, Indonesian and European fermented types with dark leaves, dried in air, is applied. The taste is improved by cherry flavor.

3. Captain Black Dark Crema little cigars

In agreement with the rich heritage of this brand, European kinds of tobacco fermented varieties with dark leaves, dried in air, are implemented when producing of Captain Black Dark Crema little cigars. These little cigars offer a mild flavor and aroma of cocoa.

4. Captain Black White Crema little cigars

Only the types of top quality tobacco are put to use for the production of Captain Black White Crema little cigars. Tobacco combination including Burley tobacco and Oriental tobacco, dried on the fire, is strengthened by adding up of vanilla flavor.

Captain Black little cigars are produced from selected tobacco only. A blend of Filipino, Indonesian and European fermented dark, air-dried cigar tobacco is applied to preserve a high status of Captain Black name.

If you're considering little cigars, Captain Black is more than likely the most popular brand available for purchase. They began selling like hotcakes due to their affordable price and rich taste.

If you have not tried them yet, buy Captain Black little cigars on our site at a reasonable price!


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