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Cigarette Packaging Impacts Tobacco Consumption, False Fact

A new research showed that the color of a cigarette packages might have a great influence on tobacco consumption. Another study by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has removed these unexpected facts about how smokers can be influenced by bright colors on cigarette packs.

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The new study investigated young smokers aged 16-25 years. Scientists observed at the end of the investigation that smokers are allure to smoke not by packages colors but by nicotine content and smoking brand name.

Smoking experts believe that their new facts will help government to implement effective anti-smoking policies.

The UK smoking experts found that 25 percent of the total amount of participants preferred to buy blue cigarettes packs. The young smokers for some reason developed the opinion that cigs with blue package are safer and even healthier than those smoking brands contained in red packets.

So, these findings again confirmed that all smoking products especially slims cigarettes should be manufactured with plain packets. Director of smoking policy and communications Betty McBride explained that the state authorities must take a new action against the cigarettes packaging policy for to not allure young people into starting smoking.

Anti-smoking researchers are sure that thanks to cigarettes plain packages smoking habit will not disappear but it will be reduced a little.

And a cigarette plain package with health warnings will be more effective in increasing awareness about tobacco use and smoking exposure which will convince smokers that the best escape is to quit smoking.

Scientists also observed that majority of smokers especially adults support large warnings with pictures that show the smoking effects.

However, young smokers are not agreed with these findings, and most of them declared that cigarettes packs color doesn't allure them into smoking.


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