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AMA wanted lolly-flavored cigs banned

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) wanted to prevent children from the cigarette smoking through banning lolly-flavored cigarettes.

Medical Association believes that these products are targeted to children.

Victorian AMA president Dr Doug Travis is calling on the Victorian Government to follow New South Wales in banning the cigarettes.

He said: "We believe that the main reason for these sweeteners is to make it more palatable for young people to take it up, because often when they take their first few puffs of a cigarette, they cough and splutter and don't keep smoking".

Doctor affirmed that this kind of products encourage them because it tastes good.

Tendering represents a general picture of nowadays situation on tobacco industry.

Smokers were excluded from almost all public places where lightening up was banned.

Of course, health is one of the most important factors in our life that we should care for, but when we speak about people's freedom of choice and personal rights there is a deep silence and no responses.


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