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Smoking among females

Now if compared smokers among women and men, women are still behind, there are about 20% of the world population who are females, it is about 1 billion of smokers among females. The constant rise of smokers among females is due to the hard advertisement. For some reasons the tobacco marketing is targeting girls in particular, and increases the financial support which is spent for the magnitude of commercials which affect females in particular. Although the history of tobacco advertisement has left the clear image of smoking men, and thus, it was clear enough to understand the role of the man in the society back in the history. The gender roles subject has been clearly defined and thus, the tobacco marketing was directed based on the societal issues of the time.

Smoking Woman

The gender roles were taken into consideration this is why the major marketing strategies were properly defined, so that all who smoked on the video were males. In general smoking was counted as a male behavior; this is why smoking females were unusual and sometimes disapproved.

Female role in the society has been emphasized not that long ago, but the period when women were targeted in tobacco industry is dated in 1920. The advertising campaigns are known to include images and themes which encouraged women to smoke. Women and tobacco got more socially accepted and highlighted particular brands of cigarettes which were designed only for females. The major trend for women cigarette is the glamour style, luxurious box, class and quality, romance and health. Regularly, the tobacco companies use light colors for women packages and have a nice and sophisticated logo. The most popular cigarettes acquired by females are slim packs. The first marketing strategies were applied for females in developed countries, since the other ones do not have a history of cigarette smoking. Now with the gender equality the cigarette designed for females have typical characteristics of "women only" tendency.

The tobacco campaigns include mass media advertising and sponsorship of various cultural events. The promotional materials such as kiosk distribution of tobacco products, internet promotions, appealing pack designs, all these are the marketing objectives for being appealing for women. Another method of gaining popularity among females is the marketing technique of making the cigarettes look healthy, and use such classy words as "slim", "super-slim" or "light". The increase rate of smoking among females can be the case of feminism expansion, thus, through smoking females are defining their role.


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