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In Lancaster County fewer stores sold tobacco to minors

Sheriff Terry Wagner said that after a previous checking 4 of 29 Lancaster stores sold tobacco to minors.

In Lancaster County anti-tobacco groups initiated a control to check local tobacco establishments for tobacco compliance.

During this procedure, underage children attend a store and ask for tobacco products. According to law, the sellers have the right to ask for clients' ID if they look under 18 years old.

Sheriff said that the most curious is that each of those four stores asked the minors for their IDs before vendors sold cigarettes.

Wagner said the list of those four businesses: Kramer Bar and Casey's in Waverly, Toni's Corner near Raym and Hickman Jack & Jill.

Problem of selling tobacco products to underage children is a major problem for many EU states. Even if it is hard to control this problem, proprietors are responsible to look after those who buy tobacco products and for whom.

Structures that sell tobacco to children can face a fine in the amount of some thousand dollars and/or lose the license for selling this kind of products.


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