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Cigarette Smells in Public Places, Tan Interrogation

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If the whole world can be separated into two groups, the smokers and the non-smokers the public places of the world are their battlefields. But, indeed, it’s less of a war than a disputable relationship. How that relation plays out on the area has a lot to do with tobacco smell.

In a delightful work published lately in Urban Studies, Qian Hui Tan observed that smokers are “providers of sensitive air pollution”, inventing a smell that, like all scents, can violate and accept. When that place is public, the influence can be enormous, isolating and storing public areas.

To realize this phenomenon, Tan conducted investigations in public places in Singapore, where smoking tobacco is both popular and defamed.

Singapore first enforced ordinances about where inhabitants could smoke tobacco in public areas in 1970. Singapore’s regulations were motivated not by health interests but also by social and sensory ones. The smoke-free laws have had several reviews over the years, but smoking tobacco is now banned within five meters of edifice entrances and exits.

Outdoor spaces are very often set aside as smoking places, as are some indoor areas. But most usually, a smoking place is determined by the existence of an ashtray and cigarettes butts.

Tan visited some of these areas and interviewed smokers and even non-smokers. He asked them about how they think about the separation of smokers to certain places and the influence of smoking smell on surrounding people.

Based on these discourses, Tan has gathered a collection of unsystematic evidence about smokers’ smoking habit experiences being made to feel dirty or sad on those around them, and some of the new efforts they take to reduce the smell impact their smoking tobacco on people they speak with. From smoking toward to keeping more space from people after smoking cigs, the smokers interrogated argued that they had become very sensitive to the way they are aware after coming back from a smoke-break.


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