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Cigarette psychology

The way a man holds his cigarette – along with such personal gestures as how he walks, sits, his nervous habits and hand motions – is a sure sign of his inner self. So says a Los Angeles psychoanalyst, Dr. William Neutra, who looks for the ways patients hold their cigarettes. It helps expose – or at least give a clue to – many otherwise hard-to-dig-up facts needed in treating the patient successfully. Here it is presented seven examples of what Dr. Neutra has found out about men; also, two examples of ways women hold cigs.

Curiously enough, however, the cigarette psychology does not work on women. According to Dr. Neutra, women are so affected naturally in their regular posture that they are more often than not too conscious of how they hold a cigarette, and therefore useless as subjects for this experiment. Cigarette psychology

A. Just a guess for this female mannerism: insecure, afraid to lose that cigarette. She probably holds on to her man like glue.

B. Typical grasp of a female bored with her date. She has to concentrate on the tip to keep from yawning.

C. Dr. Neutra claims this man is an intellectual, a very brainy type of guy, a contemplative character.

D. This person is generally unreliable, weak, hard to live with, and inclined to excessive lying.

E. Very tense individual, direct, straight-forward, inclined towards stubbornness.

F. A hail fellow, well-met character who enjoys high living. Sort of the Texas millionaire type.

G. This guy is obviously daring, calculating, literally likes to "play with fire."

H. A dreamer, always off on a tangent.

I. Very pessimistic, excessive in business caution.


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