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Cigarette brands for women

Nearly 250 million women in the world are smokers. Around 22% of women in developed countries and 9% of women in growing countries smoke tobacco products.

Nowadays tobacco companies manufacture a wide range of cigarette brands particularly for women. The tobacco industry is marketing cigarettes to women taking advantage of alluring images of vitality, elegance, modernity, slimness, and emancipation.

In the 1990s, cigarette makers promoted cigarettes as “torches of freedom” as they wanted to extend their markets throughout the world. Tobacco companies used the concept of modernity and liberation in new markets. The use of this vision when promoting cigarettes is particularly used to promote to females in nations where women are developing more equality and freedom. Cigarette manufacturers promote tobacco products to women all over the world, demonstrating cigarettes as icons of upward liberty, gender equality and freedom. The effects of cigarette companies targeting women can be observed by the boost in the amount of women who have took up cigarettes recently.

Most remarkable are the “women only” cigarette brands: these female-targeted cigarettes are long, extra-slim, low-tar, and light-colored.


Esse Black Cigarettes

Esse is a popular cigarette brand produced by KT&G, the major cigarette maker in South Korea, especially for women. Esse cigarettes are distinctive and absolutely feminine ones. Women-targeted Esse cigarettes deliver soft and nice taste. Menthol line provides a pleasant aftertaste on lips, reminding of enjoyable minutes of smoking. These cigarettes will remain feminine for all times. Esse cigarette brand has been produced so as to meet the women requirements at the cigarette market.


Glamour Cigarettes

The word “glamour” often signifies beauty and sensuality. Glamour represents fashionable and sophisticated cigarette brands created particularly for women who possess the above noted qualities. This slim smooth tobacco product attracts the women’s attention. Women who smoke Glamour cigarettes would easily recognize the high quality and eye catchy slim style of this brand. The manufacturer of this cigarette brand has involved all the necessary components that would make this an invaluable product for women. This brand of cigarettes is produced by Gallagher Tobacco Company, which is the second biggest cigarette manufacturer in Britain.


Karelia Ome Cigarettes

Karelia cigarettes are manufactured by Karelia Tobacco Company in Kallarnata, Greece. Stylish design and softness of tobacco focuses on female customers. Women consider this brand extremely eye-catching. The tobacco product is soft and mild, the cigarette packaging is very stylish and attractive. Karelia cigarette with a beautiful, tiny shape and unique package style seduces smokers, primarily women, who like beauty and high quality cigarettes.


Kiss Superslims Cigarettes

Kiss cigarettes are created for women who prefer smoking something outstanding. This brand is trendy, has a wonderful taste and is sold at an affordable price. This brand is the proud product of Innovation Tobacco Company. Kiss is definitely the preferred cig brand of lots of smokers. Its high quality tobacco and smooth texture makes them alluring to female smokers.


Style Superslims Cigarettes

Produced under the control of the German company Reemesma Tobacco factories GMBh, this top-quality cigarette brand is widely known for its series of slims and super slims cigarettes. The feminine design of the packs of Style cigarettes has gained its popularity with the sophisticated chromatic aberrations and flavor varieties. The package design incorporates also the elements of floral design. Women prefer these cigarettes because of the romantic elements they present.

Virginia Slims

Virginia UNO Cigarettes

Virginia Slims is a cigarette brand that is owned by Philip Morris. In the 1990s Virginia Slims presented its brand’s image as ”more pretentious, more image conscious, more self-absorbed, and older” than that of following ”It’s a Woman Thing” Virginia Slims campaign introduced in 1996. The campaign tried to make ”statements about today’s women that are universally understood”. Virginia Slims brand’s uniqueness developed by Leo Burnett stated, ”Virginia Slims… helps instill confidence in women by creating a ‘sense of belonging’ through relevant insights”.


Vogue Revelation Cigarettes

Vogue cigarettes are manufactured under British American Tobacco company license. For the first time this cigarette brand appeared in Germany, being a local brand aimed at women-smokers. The popular pop diva Madonna used Vogue brand name as the title of one of her very popular song and appeared smoking a Vogue cigarette in a music video that she launched particularly to advertise these cigarettes. Vogue cigarettes have various styles that will meet any woman’s needs. The gorgeous pack design with its white color and little lines in different colors produces a romantic image for Vogue Cigarettes that is very attractive to many of its female smokers.


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